Sunday, April 6, 2008

Superduper tri-kidz and race-fixing

The very first 'Trikidz Malaysia' took place on the 5th and 6th of April in UPNM. Organised by Kalam, Amir and Ungku Azhar. Cadets (members of UPNM's triathlon club) assisted in all kind of matters. Certified coaches Azhar and Stephanie made sure the whole event was a success
Some of the pictures, more to follow.....

Will start a blog for kidz-tri soon

Registration Tri-clinic 5th of April

Coaches Azhar and Stephanie

Norizan (national cyclist) Stephanie, Azhar and Hannan

Modes of transport for the athletes

Learning how to change a tire, coach Salman and Chan Jun Shen

Darimi and Hannan Warm-up the proper way

Wished they listened to us like this!!!!

My little seal

Cute butts

Transition class

Friendly young triathletes

Coach Steph with the older group

Danial, Chan Jun Shen, Salman, Azhar

Huh, where did this picture come from ??

Lunchtime: Not only the kids were starving....

Post briefing

Race day!!! 6th April

Darimi was real proud of the numbers on his arm.
Talk about race-fixing; He's convinced he's got number 3 becos that's the number on his arm, no wonder he took his own sweet time to finish.....

Darimi has all the time in the world, he's number 3 after all

Most of the little ones forgot to take of their helmets at T2

Ati did well and finished ahead of Darimi (she wasn't informed about the race-fixing)


Race time for the 11-16 group

Brothers in action

The proud athletes receive their prices
There is real promise in these kids, doesn't this one remind of Barry Boy?