Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dayan without the cast

One of those weeks

Came back from Miri, Sarawak late on sunday nite. Both Kalam and me took part in the sprint and olympic distance triahtlon. It was my first Olympic Distance triahtlon AND I FINISHED IT!!! Me, an overweight 45yr old who couldn't finish two lanes in the pool in march 2006. Okay okay, before I go overboard - it took me 4 hours and I finished last. BUT they're only few 'elderly' ladies taking part in triathlons in Malaysia and even less than usual took part in Miri. So I won prizes both on saturday 'n sunday, woh got prize for coming in last.........

On wednesday i came home from work and found Dayan crying in pain- had just fallen of his bike. The elbow looked swollen and he couldn't bend the arm. So there went my intended 1hr biketraining, into the car and off to Hospital UKM. I stopped at the armyhospital in the camp first but they don't have X-ray facilities. But they insisted to put Dayan in the ambulance to send him. I followed behind a flashing ambulance with the sirens wailing.

However in HUKM they were not impressed by that and we had to wait hours,

triage first,

then make X-rays,

wait to see ER doc,

refer to orthopaedic spec,

refer to second orthopaedic spec,

make more X-rays, see bot ortho-docs again,

get backslab cast on his arm.

5 hours later, a few minutes before midnite we finally left the hospital, and headed straight for the nearest Kedai makan, starving -we both missed dinner.

Lucky it's his left arm, so he can still eat and write (it's his exam year). Don't know how he cleans his backside -didn't ask him, so far he seems to manage-. So poor Dayan won't be able to do antoher sprint triahtlon in Port Dickson in june (as if he was training wooohaaa).

Mej K. continued what he's been doin for the past month, runnin around like a chicken without a head, tryin to organise a world event in less than a month (world taekwando champoinships started yesterday in KL). His Ironman training is of course on track (ahum ahum)..........

Janie's kittens are growing 'n gettin' cuter every day, need to 'pinjam' Kalam's camera so I can take some pics....

Friday, June 29, 2007


I never managed to keep a diary updated for more than a few weeks, this doesn't augur well for this blog. Still it seems a good idea to keep friends and family around the globe updated of the latest happenings in our family.
For those who don't know us : Our family consists of
* The man of the house; Mejar Kalam (also known as Rambo, Malak or mej. K.). Officer in the RMAF, triathlete and wannabe Ironman (he will try to become an Ironman in Langkawi februari 2008. We'll keep u updated on this.....)
* The power behind the man: Nurina (my muslim name, also known as Ina or Ien). Nurse-educator, tryin to train ICU-nurses. Also tryin to become a triathlete, managed to complete the olympic distance triahtlon in Miri, Sarawak last weekend but turned it into swim/bike/walk
* Handsomest teenager in SMK Tasik Selatan - Danial. not yet 14 yrs old but allready taller than his parents. A bit of a triathlete (done a few sprints, duathlon and swam relay for olympic distance) also into any other sports his friends happen to play. A bit shy, a gentle boy
* Dayan, creative and intelligent, except that he uses this traits for lots of things (like getting out of tuition class, avoiding his parents to see his grades and such). Can achieve mountains when he want too, but will create only an anthill when ordered to do.....
* Darimi (or poops), our cuddle. It's possible that his personality is not perfect but because he's the youngest, mum n dad gladly overlook this.
* Ati, joined our family in january this year. She's a second cousin to the boys. Really cute, giggly and can talk for hours
* Rahmah, our amah for the past 8+ years. Keeps the house spic and span, scolds the kidds but never carries out her threats.
* Cats; Janie with five young kittens (looking for good home for 5 superdupercute siamese kittens), Squeekie (resqued from a drain last year) and Femke (one of Janie's earlier kittens)
* Fish; lots of them, no names, even big Kaloi is simply called Kaloi.
* Python, also no name. Found by kalam near our house, nearly ran over him with the car.
* Two white mice. Nameless as well and their lifespan is expected to be quite short. (snake-snacks)
That's all of us for now
Keep u updated
Oh yeah, before I forget and before anyone asks me for the umphtiest time 'I orang belanda, and I can tahan makan pedas....