Tuesday, July 31, 2007


UM Duathlon; Pictures pinjam from Stupe's blog, sorry didn't bring camera
Do I look lobsided???

At work today the tailor came to take measurements for my new uniform.

She told me "Madam, you are lobsided. Ure right shoulder is 1 inch higher than ure left'

Never noticed anything amiss untill now

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Duathlon fun

Had a lovely morning. Kalam Danial and me took part in the UM duathlon (run 5km, cycle 20km, run 5 km). It was raining heavily in the morning and the organiser delayed the flag-off till 8.20 am. Anyway, lots of familiar faces, Neeza, Juli, Steph, Lea, Vicky, Robika, Stupe, Abu, Saiful, Azmar, Jeffri, Sanggup etc etc. UPNM showed up with a 20'men' strong squad -yeah finally some UPNM ladies taking part - 6 0r 7 of them! All in all just having a nice time hanging out with the crowd.
I know very well my running is lousy but I thought the cycling leg should be a piece of cake, when registering on saturday the terrain looked good, just slightly undulating... BUT I didn't know that the back road has one piece of a nasty steep hill!!! And since we were making loops (Run 1 loop, cycle 4 loops, run another loop) WE HAD TO CONQUER THIS BLOODY HILL 6 TIMES.
I wasn't very motivated, just joining for fun, actually thinking about quitting after the cycling. But thanks to Steph who was doing her cool-down loop (who in their right mind goes up that hill a 7th time, hihi just joking Steph) I did continue and finish (at the back of the pack, but not last).
One participant collapsed at the finishline and got prompt treatment by doc Hisham before he was send to hospital. Hope he's fine, also quite a few people fell on the steep hill down but nothing worse than abrasions.

After that it was like a party, everyone just joking around. Prize giving was best: Abu, Saiful and Stupe all got prize!!! First prize: DINO IS BACK -and he's fit as a fiddle.
I got a medal for 18th place in the women open, yeah

And I even ran parts of the circuit, the first loop I ran all down hill parts, there's hope after all.
Danial won a prize in the lucky draw. Kalam didn't win anything but he's such a cheerfull personality, it won't dent his mood..

Really had a fun time. No pics, didn't bring a camera, have to ask some of the others.
Afterwards took Danial to buy a proper pair of running shoes, poor kid complained about his his painfull feet, couldn't run the last 3 km. Now he's more serious in taking part it's worth it.

Friday, July 27, 2007


Don't know what's happening with me this week......
I finished the triathlon on sunday but not being able to run bothers me. I often run in my dreams, long fluid steps, regular breathing, smoothely pounding the tarmac. But in the morning reality sets in, nothing fluid about my run. I desperately need to lose another 6 - 10 kg. But it's a catch two situation, I can't run well with all this extra weight and on the other hand I can't loose weight easily and running would certainly help. I'm blessed/cursed with a superefficient digestive system, every calory that enters is carefully processed and stored for lean times!

Haha, I'm in one of the pictures in the new powerbar-booklet (http://www.powerbar.com.my/). I'm in a crowd of swimmers, probably this photo was taken in A'Famosa triathlon in april. Feels like such a joke, me as an athlete, still expect someone to start pointing a finger and shout 'that one is a fake, get her out!'.

Haha. "out of the mouth of babes...". Darimi told me a few days ago: "Mama tak payah lah masuk triathlon lagi, Mama sangat slow, adik selalu kena tunggu lama!" (Mama shouldn't take part in any more triathlons, Mama is soo slow, I always have to wait for a long time for Mama to come back)..Ahem

Anyway don't really know what's bothering me this week. Didn't manage to train thanks to work and frequent rainshowers, just a few half hours cycling...
Actually I have so many things to be gratefull for. A loving husband. Four wonderfull kids, Ati has settled down well in our family, a joy to see this girl shine.
In contrary to Faie and Aini I'm not stuck in job I don't like. I got the job I've dreamed about for years and I'm really enjoying work.

So why still down??? dunno, hormones I guess

Happy memories of PD tri are tempered by the loss of Allyarham Zubir:
  • This sport is not about winning the first place,
  • it's not about who has the most expensive bike,
  • not about who the fastest swimmer, smartest cyclist, best runner
  • not about 'U dapat nombor brapa?'
  • not about how young and fit you are
  • it's not about your income level,
  • not about a fabulous career,
  • not about impressing others with your degrees and your wealth...

  • This sport is about people who believe you shouldn't give up at the first obstacle,
  • It's about trying to achieve your best,
  • and keep tryin to achieve it, even if you fail a few times
  • about puttin your aim further once you've achieved your goal
  • It's about not giving up
  • it's about finishing what you set out to do
  • It's about young and old racing together,
  • It's about the first and last finisher wishing each other luck before flag-off
  • it's about cheering for the first finisher and the last,
  • because we understand what both of them managed to accomplish
  • It's about the comrade ship before the race, the jokes, the laughter
  • About competing, but not about sore losers
  • It's about feeling the strength in your arms as you pull tru the water,
  • the wind in your hair while you cycle,
  • it's about putting your mind over pain and exhaustion and going on
  • It's about giving your children an example you believe in
  • It's about community, about giving each other support, regardless of age, size,race or status
  • It's about being gratefull to be alive every day.....

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

We have lost one tri-athlete

On saturday Kalam, Danial and Dayan took part in thew Iron Hill run. A more convenient race site is not imaginable, the run starts a few hundred meters from our house. kalam 12 km, Danial 7km and Dayan 3km. Mama??? she had to go to work, no cuti on saturday
Kalam and Danial did fine.

Dayan"s arm is out of the cast since friday but he's still advised to wear a sling and rest the arm for another 2 weeks. I told him to just walk the 3 km, he was just a hundred meters from the finish line when a motorcyclist picked him up 'kasihan adik, tak payah-lah lari!'. No wonder there are so few good athletes in MAlaysia, kids are raised to become whoozies!!!

I just came across Azman's website with pics of our three youngest kids while they where playing on the beach in Port Dickson last month. (http://www.azmanrocks.blogpot.com/) Embarrassing but true.
This bunch can spend a whole day at the beach and not be bored for a moment, but take them shopping and they will start complaining the minute you walk into the mall.....

On saturday afternoon we left to Port Dickson. When we arrived it was raining cats and dogs, the sprint triahtlon just finished.
On sunday morning we left the three youngest members in the condo with Rahmah. Danial took part in the relay event as swimmer, teamed up with two of the UPNM kadets.
Kalam and me Olympic distance. None of the other triathlons in this country has anywhere near as many participants as Port Dickson Int. Triathlon.

For me it's my favorite triathlon for a sentimental reason:

First time I saw this event was in 2005 when we accompagnied some of the kadets. I remember so clearly looking in awe at the athletes, me an obese 40 somethin lady - a world apart.
In 2006 I took part as a swimmer in the relay event.
Still very overweight it was no easy task finding a swimsuit (there is a not lot of choice in swimsuits in Malaysia and big fat ladies simply don't swim). In the end I found a cheap blue men's swimtop in Giant, at least I could get into this one! Actually shy as hell to show myself in tight clothes but I really love swimming, so just push the thoughts aside. Quickly pull off my T-shirt at the pool side and jump-in fast as possible.
In 2006 we started in the marina, at the first turn I was the very last swimmer and could have hardly felt worse -who am I tryin to fool-. But shortly after I saw a big fellow holding on to a buoy and overtook, after that I managed to overtake quite a few more swimmers and came out the water in 37 minutes. What a adrenaline boost... That day Adib told me 'next year do sprint'. I told him never in a lifetime. Well I'm eating those words now.

Picture 'pinjam' from Shazly. Danial at the left, I'm hiding behind Azmar.

It was fun meeting up with old and new friends before the swim. Slowly more ladies are starting to join. It's great for me to meet these real action ladies. For years I felt suffocated mixing with local women -I simply don't have much to talk about with them-.
The swim went okay-lah, flattered to have Faie following me- of course soon as we were out of the water she left me far behind. Cycling also okay-lah, not exhausted, not much cramps in my legs, chain came off usual two times (KLUTZ when are u goin to learn to change gears properly).
Run was embarassing as usual, at least this time I didn't walk all the way, I did run on and off (more off than on of course). It was a lovely cool day but during the run it stated pouring, one of the police guys said to me 'Dah lah M'cik, hujan dah'. Malaysian manja attitude again ' I told him hujan is better than panas, and continued. Most tri-athletes had long finished their race and I met quite a few on their bikes, or cars going home. Thanks guys for all d support, tellin me to go on and finish the race. So finish I did -even got an applause- what a star. Time nearly 4 hrs I think.
I need to find time to train more and increase my speed cycling and start running of course. (Bought a pair of adidas super nova last month so the excuse of 'no shoes' doesn't apply anymore). Okay: from envious watcher to relay swimmer to OD-triathlete, next year time to belasah you all..........

After we reached home on sunday we got the news that one of the participants had drowned during the swimleg. I only know Zubir by face but I salute him and my prayers go to him and his family AL FATIHAH

The triathlon community is
planning a minute silence before the start of our next race in Desaru were we honour a fellow athlete

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Hahaha finally I manage to write on this blog! Thanks hun... well I got time, I got a lot of time! This afternoon I went to Pacesetters' office somewhere at Jln Klang Lama (surat khabar lama???) Dont shout or else you'll got sore throat! Anyway Mr Munning is on the way to Cambodia so I just registered for Mizuno 10k run. Then this lady 'racun' me to become Pacesetter and I did! Hahaha gone RM46.00 but I got cheaper Mizuno registration fees by RM10.00. Woi, everything want to calculate ha? Shut up you. I dont know whether my honey's invitation to write at this blog is a good idea or not.... Somehow I got a lot of 'merapu' ideas especially in the middle of the nite! And also Al Fatihah to all my 6 comrades who didnt make it back home after their last flight. Even though I've been thru it many times and didnt even know them personally, I am still sad as if a part of my life is taken away from me. Hmmm... have to scold my two cutest one for eating our Power Bar and Power Gel stock! Why papa has to be the bad guy everytime??? What else to talk in here.... zzzzzz


I think most of you seen the add about Mr. Mohan was has time to see all tv-shows (thanks to astro). He's got time, he's got time, he's got time.....
I wish I could say the same thing, (but not to watch tv). For the first time in my working life i"m working 'office'hours'. Still very strange to me to work 9-5. But time is limited, before I could squeeze a lot in a morning, training/shopping/bank stuff etc. But now all has to be done in the evening and on the 1 1/2 day off in the weekend. Most days I only reach home at 6.30pm, nearly dark allready, just enough time to quickly cycle 30 min.
Anyway I shouldn't complain, I wouldn't want to work night shift anymore. Just need to learn to arrange my time (and stop looking for excuses).
Monica arrived in KL from Switzerland on monday morning with her lovely daughter Aisha and her cousin Jessica. It was great seeing her again, we haven't seen each other for more than 10 years, but some how we just picked up as if we meet every week. I guess that is what real friendship means, the ties are stronger than time.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

lots of 'anak'

Sad to say the two adopted little kittens didn't survive. Janie was willing to feed them but the competition for the nipples was too fierce. Darimi insisted to bury the kittens. Shawie is hungry, kasihan poor snake...

Training is lousy, I got a cold for more than a week, can't get rid of it. Coughing up great green blobs --yikes!!! I'm not used to this, usually seldom sick. I'm far from the only one; Darimi, Ati, Dayan, Danial and Rahmah all got the same bug. I think Kalam is the only escaping this virus becos he's hardly home. Next month he's planning to do Desaru long distance triahtlon (half Ironman distance), buth he's hardly training, weekends only. Still I wouldn't be surprised if he finishes................

It seems to me that Dayan's cast is quite wobbly and soft after been soaked in the sea, but he denies that of course...
At work things start to get busy. Next week a group of 30 newly graduated nurses will start. Nine of them will be allocated to HDU or ICU and I will 'guide and train' them for 3 months.
Nine anak murid
Cikgu yang garang hahaha...... watch out for the fierce teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

anak POWERBAR, and PD training 2

When we register for races, usually we'll get a 'powerbar' for free. We collected quite a few this year but don't always eat them -not found very fond of the taste / on raceday morning they just won't slide down. However when I looked this morning there were only a few left -INTERROGATE THE KIDDS-. Haha, the two little ones immediately confessed, especially Darimi has developped quite a liking for them.

Now these two know how to eat athletes food can start training them HIHI........

We went for the second PD training this morning. Kalam got a Isuzu trooper from the university for his use. It saved a lot of time, no need to take the bikes completely apart and spend an hour tryin to fit the parts into the wira. At 6.30am we left for Port Dickson

I estimate nearly a hundred atheletes were prepared to offer their sundaymorning as well, suckers we all are -to suffer willingly -.
Mr Chan redone the swim route, a lot shorter this time, or maybe it just seemed that way because today the sea was as calm as a mirror, very different from the first training 3 weeks ago.
I was determined to take things easy today as I haven't been feeling well for a few days (cough, cold fever). So just a relaxed swim, Kalam has improved a lot, now finishes slightly ahead of me (GRRR). Bacin has been going for swimming classes, now he keeps us with us (Not good for us, as his biking is mcuh faster than ours). Danial of course finishes ahead of his parents..
We all cycled out together with police-escort till the main junction 5km further on. I LOVE THIS - for a short while I get to pretend to be good enough to keep up with the pack, of course the illusion evaporates the instant we're released.
Kalam was also taking it easy, we cycled together for most of the course, Mr Chan passed us in the van - asked us whether were on honeymoon (Haha, we consider our marriage as an extended honeymoon). After 15km Kalam suggested to turn back, we cycled on a bit till we saw the first 'real athletes' coming back. After that we also turned and naturally pretended to be strong triathletes. Anyway most of the participants overtook us by the time we reached back to the transition. Total we cycled 33km, okay-lah.
In general the mood was very easygoin, only a few went for the full run, ahum Kalam and me didn't even start...
Neeza gave us some chocolates she bought for us in Labuan, yum, must try to get some before the four stooges finish them off.

Collected the kids from the beach, silly Dayan went swimming with the cast on. Claims he didn't know the cast is not supposed to get wet!!! Of course how could he know, after all I've been covering the cast with plastic bags & taping the whole thing before he has a shower every evening, of course I've been doing this just for the fun of it, not because it's necessary.
Fun sunday. Were thinking about trading the wira in for a second hand kia carnival. Face it now the kids are growing up fast, we simply don't fit into the car anymore. Let alone if we want to take bike's with us......

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

in the newspaper again

click on article to zoooooooooooom

Monday, July 2, 2007

applying for zoo-status

Kalam found two little abandoned kittens

and took them home. Janie being the loving mothercat she is adopted them immediately, so now she got 7 little ones to look after. The animal count in our house is increasing.

It sometimes hard to believe we live 25 min drive away from KLCC. Living in Sungai Besi armycamp is quite like a zoo. This afternoon I went cycling with Kalam (learning how to draft, haha as if I'm fast enuf to draft anyone celaka). We found a babymonkey dead on the road -just been hit by a car. Kalam tried to take it, wanted to feed Shawie, but got chased away by the mother.

These monkeys sometimes chase me when I cycle too close to them, quite fierce.

The other day I nearly had a nasty fall with the bike becos I didn't see a large monitor lizard sleeping on the road.

A few months ago I nearly got bitten by a cobra while I was walking to the pool on a quiet sunday morning.

I want to start running (embarrassing to walk in the triathlon), nighttime would be good, at least it's nice and cool. But although there's nearly no crime in the camp, we have lots of BABI HUTAN (wild boar). I takut-lah.......

Sunday, July 1, 2007

twitching mouse

I never knew mice could suffer from epilepsy, but this morning Darimi called me to look at one of the white mice. The poor thing was twitching away with head and limps nonstop (status epilepticus). What to do, snake put the mouse quickly out of his misery...
daraimi calls the snake Shawie (derived from ular sawa - python).
Kalam still busy with the taekwondo world champion chips (ships or chips, something is wrong here)
Went for a 2km slow swim this morning. Supposed to go for a 30km bike ride now, but the weather is soo hot
Adoi, Port Dickson triahtlon coming up in a few weeks, get movin girl or you'll end up at 4hrs again!!!!!!!!!
See ya