Saturday, September 22, 2007


Time flies..... faster than Su 30! Last nite missus went cycle at Putrajaya, papa n kids just marshall from the car with Dino. Should try it myself but need to buy blinking lights. Hmmm what else to talk about? Look at this beauty from Russia! This one serve India Air Force. Catch it live at LIMA 2007 from 4-8 Dec 07. See how our boys push 'Ms Sharapova' to the limit! Interesting huh?

Friday, September 14, 2007


Finally, just a short notes on my 50km Ultramarathon and Mizuno 10K. Two different races, diferent places, different faces but fun as usual. It was the 1st time I ever run further than 21km, and those 80 plus runners who took part are seasoned or veterans runners! Been all over the country running marathon. Started at 3am, thru the kampungs in the dark was a great experience. Completed my 42.5 at 8.06am, still 7.5km to go. Walk most of the way until finish. Total time 6hrs 10mins. The driver picked me up and got on the bus on time to go back to KL. Have Mess Nite to catch up at 2000H, next day relax. Then Sunday 9th Sep, 10k Mizuno Wave Run! Wooohooo my feet must be cursing at my brain which always say GO! Feel a bit heavy, anyway finish together with Doc Hisyam, again nice long chat during the run. Well, thats it 50K and 10K within 22 hours. Powerman is next, to improve last year's time.....

Thursday, September 13, 2007

lightning speed.

Lightning likes our house, or more correctly the modems in our house. Within the timespan of one year we've managed to send 5 modems to the graveyard. Luckily we're renting the things from streamyx. If tm company could find a clause to end our contract they would surely cut us out with lightning speed. They just had to replace the fifth modem this year (Dayan forgot to switch it off during a storm). Anyway we are back on the net.
Kalam ran a 50km ultra marathon in Kedah and the mizuno wave run 10km a few days later.
Dayan finished his UPSR, results.... lets wait and see.....
Ati and Darimi are fasting half days (and are very proud of their achievement). Hihi, reminds me of the times when Danial and Dayan started fasting. For 11 months of the year they had to be reminded to have a shower, only during fasting month they would have a shower every hour!!!

Today is the first day of the fasting month: SELAMAT BERPUASA to all muslims

Monday, September 3, 2007


Dayan is sitting for his UPSR exams this week. What I often hear from other parents is "Oh that week cannot-lah, anak got exam so I have no time'. This makes me wonder, how come got no time? What am i supposed to do? Give tuiton and revision to him night and day? Sit anxiously home all day and wait for him to come back? Haven't figured this one out yet. To me either he knows the stuff by now or he's doomed to fail. Don't see much sense in forcing him to study every minute, do kids really need that much pressure? This is still primary school....., guess I'm still clueless, don't have the 'kiasu' spirit yet.

We had a quiet weekend. Kalam was still tired from all the travelling previous weeks. So we didn't join Shah Alam run, or UM run or anything. I went for a 3km swim on sunday morning, Kalam joined me halfway. YEAH bought new tires for my bike; bright yellow and black. Fits with the frame colours. Looks like a hornet (haha but no sting with me as the cyclist).

Fasting month is just around the corner, last year hardly trained during Ramadan. This year got Powerman Lumut in november, better stay in shape.