Friday, June 12, 2009

That's life

Aplogies apologies for the long looong silence.
It was not intentional, just having been able to access our blog for quite some time. Our PC's are broken and we have let our streamyx expire. Now were thinking hard whether we want to give our sons another change to blow up some more modems and computers or just to get a notebook for our own use.
But lucky strike today - normally I cannot access blogs from work, but navigating through other pages I accidently managed to bypass the controls hehehe, pls dont tell boss okay? Now how to get to facebook...........
Life is extemely busy; I'm going to attend my parents 50 year wedding end of this month. I'm in the middle of translating a 210 page book. At work were are still expected to perform the work of two (GR@@//##). Training in bits and pieces only and I'll have to shelf my dream to do IM Putrajaya and of course family life with four kids AARRRGGHHHH
So this is all for now till I have more time.......