Sunday, September 28, 2008

Long month

I haven't updated this blog for ages. With horror I realise the last entry is PD-triathlon. After that came UPNM-MUDS duathlon, Ekiden-run and Desaru-triathlon.

Lots of things happened since then. Kalam changed job and is no longer working in UPNM (he's posted to Mindef now). Lots of changes in UPNM, they have a new vice-chancellor who is undoubtedly the least educated VC ever (the new VC has no university-degree whatsoever, doubt any other university can top that). Good thing, since Mindef has a lack of quarters we stay in our house - just the thought of having to move makes me panic.

Lotta changes in organisation structure in Gleneagles as well and it didn't all go smoothly - luckily now things are settling down a bit but with another collegea who has resigned, currently two of us are doing work designed for 5 educators.

I'm struggling through fasting month. Fasting itself doesn't pose a problem, but lack of sleep and no training doesn't feel good. I've gained weight and keep fallling sick, just don't feel myself. Work has been extremely busy and my 'To do list' is still long.
Looking forward to start swimming, cycling and running again in one weeks time. It's gonna be a struggle to get back in shape but I'm looking forward to it. At least had a change to meet up with a few friends during a 'buka puasa' organised by Powerbar and another buka puasa organised by UPNM's tri-club. Life is dull without triathlon and the group of friends

Haha, very late race-reports:

UPNM-MUDS. Starting with a 4km run, Ngae who was doing relay with a new runner kept pace with us and to my surprise I realised that at a slow speed I can actually keep running. Even after cycling the 18km I ran most of the second 4km run. Left several female UPNM-cadets behind me!

Duathlon MUDS-UPNM

Ekiden-run. one week later. Tried to keep the same run-speed and ran 3.5km and still had energy left at the transition-point.

Desaru. Untill last moment I was hesitating whether I should do the long-distance or relay-event. The questions was solved when Wendy called me and asked me to be their swimmer for a relay-team with her and Bo.

The swim was fun- nice big waves to dive into. It took me awhile to get into my stride but felt good. Danial swam relay with an UPNM -team.

Handed over to Bo and settled down to watch the race, Bo and Wendy did a great job. (I'll try and find some pics to add afterwards)

Kalam didn't train at all for one month but still managed to finish.

Next day sprint four family-members took part:Kalam, Danial, Dayan and me.
Quite a number of the youngsters from our Trikidz-programme were taking part;

Trikidz with coach Azhar

In truth I had a score to settle with this race. Last year I wanted so badly to do good in this sprint-event but was deeply dissapointed with myself.

The waves were fun again, 500meter swim seemed very short. When I came out of the water Mr Chan shouted 'Woh Nurina, you have any idea how many swimmers you've left behind you?' I looked around and saw many arms still ploughing through the water. Off to the bike and Desaru's rolling hills, a few people overtook me but I overtook several others as well. Played tag with a Singaporean fellow, thanks to Dino I know now how to draft behind some-one uphill (and overtake on the downhill part). The distance seemed shorter than last year and soon found myself back at the transition-area. My legs cramped a bit during the bike but I managed to run the 3km. I assumed the Singaporean fellow was ahead of me but I must have overtaken him in the transition, he overtook me again in the last 50 meter. But I really had a fun-race and the ghosts from last year have been laid to rest. It was nice for a chance to finish somewhere among the pack and not one of the last.

Many people have asked me when am I going to do Ironman. Well, my answer is; not for now. My committent to my family comes first and I'm not able to train the hours needed for Ironman without sacrificing a lot of family-time. Working full-time leaves me with very limited time- my day-planner is often divided into minutes. So I've decided for now to concentrate on sprint and Olympic distance, and there is a lot of room for improvement there. Ironman, I still dream about it and who knows maybe in a few years time....

Dayan finishing the sprint
And of course last but not least:
Wishing you all