Sunday, January 27, 2008

What addicts do....

Our cats. See bottom pic on the right: INTRUDER ALERT

Unexpected holiday on wednesday for Thaipusam, so what do addicts do.... On tuesday nite a group of ten of us went for a nite ride in Putrajaya. Nice ride for 40km, legs still a bit stiff so me and Juli took it easy. Kalam as sweeper car with the kids at the back. And afterwards of course big supper at one of the mamak-restaurants.
The rest of the week didn't do much, bogged down by a sore throat and flu. Watch the flowers grow

Our garden, pics by Dayan

Kalam is in full swing however, training for IM. Jasme will be staying with us till IM -the camp in Gemas doesn't have a swimming pool so how can he train there. He will take part in IM under UPNM's banner, nice for the university but I think the commando-team not too happy to loose him.

Danial got his 'new" =2nd hand bike, hope he'll really use it.

Feels strange didn't do anything today.... go for a swim later or walk up Ironhill probably. Feels like an addict missing her fix.... (at least I suspect that's what addicts feel like). The other day a newcomer on the forum asked if triathlon is addictive (what do you mean similar effects to morphine .....)
Pics of last weeks GErun, pictures thanks to the man on the right ;Mr Tey

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


First of all thanks to Powerbar boss, Mr Rahimi, Mr Shahrul and Cik Nora for taking me into the elite 'flight'. For some, being in the team elite is free Powerbar for a year or two but its not about that. Its about passion for sports which brings health to the country! Got the big picture? That's what my boss always said to me. Only small people look at small picture hehehe! I am not small, I am compact! Its new technology which produce CD, DVD and what not... so the bottom line is, be healthy and influence others to be the same. Healthy people will increase productivities (in every areas, trust me!) Ok its not a right time for me to write anything... 5pm is training time or gardening at least. Ciao adios tata....
Hehehe siapa lagi kalau tak otai powerbar!!! Dah habis blom duit bonus???

Fuyooo all power athletes!!!!! Shy lor.....

Monday, January 21, 2008

GE 20km and 30km

I have convinced myself that I'm a lousy runner. Run-walk-run-walk, just a few hundred meter pain here, pain there, 50m... struggle.... I'm a good long-distance WALKER - no problem walking a marathon BUT RUNNING, in May Senn's word's I'm not made out to be a gazelle....
Great Eastern Run, Kalam registered months ago, me ---- nah, way too far such distances...
Yet little else to do that weekend, few races till april.
Got a message from Adrian on facebook inviting to join the run. Had a peep at the GE website ohyoh registration closed. But Aini told me registration was extended for one week. So I got myself registered for the 20km. Had nightmares about being the last runner, have the motorcycle with the flag follow me for 20km.
Anyway decided i should be able to run all the DOWNHILL parts and maintain a brisk walk UPHILL. Lots of runners at the startline, Kalam took off for the 30km at 6am.
Start at 6.30am, just take it easy. I'm used to being one of the last stragglers in triathlon races but in this run there were so many runners that ekceli I'm not that bad. Others started walking way before I did. I kept to my plan and the whole event went quite smooth. Lots of familiar faces during the run, almost like a reunion. Bit of cramps the last 5km but nothing serious. Finished the run in just under 3hrs (I think, forgot to check), got a medal and to my astonishment saw lots of people finishing behind me......
Actually started thinking of doing KLIM half marathon.
And of course had a nice time meeting up with friends afterwards: Juli, Aini, Neeza, Jaja, Karoline, Sandy, May Senn, Karen, Shazly, Ihsal, Zul, Steve, Meta, Mac, Abu, Saiful, Ariff, Richard, Azwar, Eugene L, Azhar, Adrian, Simon Cross, Sharom, Wong, Adzim, Doc Hisham, Jamil....sorry if i missed someone...

Kalam had some big news on friday but I leave it to him to write his own story....
HONEY HAPPY BIRTHDAY (hihihi now you belong to the veteran category)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Genting at last

Sunday, we started the day with a short ride.... up to Genting. I've been avoiding this ride for a long time as I was convinced I couldn't do it. But we reached the top!!!!
Going back down .....'Wow, I really cycled up here??!!'
Other members of today's gang; Tourguide and coach - Dino
ordinary members - Mej K
- Xman
- D1
reserves - Sandy
- Yours truly

No pictures of today's ride but here are pics from last week (pics thanks to Chan JS)
D1 has a flat tire, Dino helping to repair
We are good in watching people work
We are really good in watching people work
Tak malu ke, eat so much,
You all can really eat, huh
Mental prep before the ride
My beloved Scottie and me
Mej K and Xman
Mej K and Chan JS (same size)
10 points for guessing which one is the cadet....

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Peculiar jackets

After living in Malaysia for many years I've become used to the local lifestyle. Yet some things remain peculiar. One of those is the way jackets are used in Malaysia. Although originally a western design, jackets are used widely, but with some differences................

1. One of the first views that greets visitors to this country are the many many motorcyclists on the roads. But they look rather strange: Many of them are wearing sports jackets BACKWARDS. It looks pretty much like as if they're wearing straight jackets, creating the impression that a whole lunatic asylum has just managed to escape on motorbikes. Unfortunately the way they drive will only confirm that opinion....

2. One of Malaysia's traditional and favorite dress for women is the 'baju kurung' or 'baju kebaya'. A light and loose cheerfull colourfull dress worn by ladies. Usually made a of a flowery fabric they are a suitable dress for ladies in this hot humid climate while it still covers all body parts as required by the Islamic religion.

Yet for some unimaginable reason Malaysian women combine this dress with a tailored dark men's jacket. Mostly you'll be able to see this phenomenon in offices or during official functions (somehow it's perceived to be the correct way of dressing for official functions).

What to say:
A + B creates the zenith of fashion disasters

3. Jackets during sports
As mentioned earlier Malysia has a warm and humid climate year round. Mostly the locals will dress lightly in shorts or slacks with t-shirts during their leisure time. Yet once again the jacket-craze strikes when they go for exercise. Malaysians will bundle themselves in sports jackets and long track pants before going for a run in the hot sun. Aren't they aware of the bodies need to loose heat during sports you'll wonder. Sofar nobody has been able the give me a reason for this peculiar behaviour. Yet one thing is certain; no seasoned athlete will make this mistake. Showing up for a triathlon or long run while wearing a jacket is akin to tattoeing 'beginner' across u're forehead.
For the correct t-shirt to wear during these events I refer to ''. The -unspoken but strictly adhered to- rules for wearing T's during races are clearly defined here, I have nothing further to add.

What else...............

Kids started the new school year on the 3rd of January. FUHYO, free education ???? mana ada.... Dont want to say much here becos the schools lacsidaisical attitude makes me furious.
Darimi started primary one, Ati primary two, Dayan secondary one, Danial secondary three. Phew, took me one whole day to get everyone sorted out in their respective schools. Probably the teachers were not too happy to see me as I refused to pay for nonsense charges and refused to give copies of our pay slips (were not applying for any assistance so why do they need to be bizybodies...GRRR) Cool down / cool down / cool down.......

Short cycle on sunday in Putrajaya with Dino & gang. Route was cut short becos Danial had a puncture (same place as Salman the previous week -ahum suspicious - at the fly over nearby we found lots of numbers of people willing to repair punctured tubes YEAH RIGHT). Anyway had fun, especially the brunch afterwards. Other patrons of the foodcourt looked rather suspiciously at this strangely dressed group eating as if they hadn't been fed for two months.....

Wanted to register for Great Eastern 20km run but discovered I was too late. However Aini told me registration was extended for a week so I made my way to BB Plaza in the afternoon. Imagine, they told me I was the last person to register, registration CLOSED. So I've managed to get the last place even before the race.....
Why register for an event if I can only run for 300 meter or so? Well; nothing better to do that weekend. I'm confident I will be able to finish the event .....hehehe walking (cut-off 3hrs15min). So what if I miss the cut-off, just have fun walking ......


And also 'happy wedding anniversary'. Yeah we made it to the 15yr mark (how many yrs still to go honey??? hehe just kiddin)

New year is all about good intentions however .......

Kalam with 10 UPNM cadets planned to join Azwar's gang at 6.30 am in Putrajaya for a long ride however;
  • only 4 cadets showed up (Jun Shen, Salman, Adi and Alex)
  • they left SG Besi too late and didn't manage to join Azwar's gang

I was supposed to cycle a shorter ride with Juli and Susi, start at 7am from Putrajaya, however;

  • Juli overslept
  • Susi choose sleeping, but Esman (hubbie) did join us

But good intentions aside, we all had a blast. Dino and Peter joined us so we had a group of 10 cyclists.

Best of all, Dino and Peter gave lots of training advice. I've been cycling since I was a small child but apart from showing where to change the gears nobody has ever taught me HOW to cycle. With Dino as a personal coach there is a big difference... He taught me how to cycle uphill (not crawling up like I usually do), how to draft (with Esman as a willing victim), how to maintain speed etc. And guess what, I can cycle at 30 km/hr and even reached 38km/hr !!!! Peter as well gave good advice on how to prepare for events and how to increase strength

After the U-turn Peter and me took the shorter course while the mutants went for an extra loop. Except Salman who had a flat tire and ended up following the two of us -still has his usual portion of good luck-. Azwar,Bacin, Stupe & other supermonyets caught up with us near the mosque.

We intended to run a few km but decided to wait for the others to arrive, others were not interested in running so we didn't run either, went for brunch instead at the mama shop.

Nice start of the year........................ no need for good intentions