Thursday, December 27, 2007


How it started.. sprint is for kids only! Hahaha...
Then when I look at Ringo, my ex-schoolmate 'elephant pregnancy' I think I better not stop doing this. (Ringo in light yellow shirt, earning five figure salary in Malakoff make him 'pregnant' LOL)
Then I met the superstar, make mama jealous! Kim b4 winning Manila's gold.

The family started to watch... A Famosa 2006 hehehe sprint tri for kids oso!

Well... then we took part in relay, Desaru LD Tri wooohoo. Errmm, digital photo has got digital fungus too?

Muahh... I love my red bike! Heavy metal make my leg strong. No more sprint eh! Remember? Sprint is for kids only.... LOL

Another relay in Miri.... I love seafood yeah yummy! Good carbo loading in Miri...

Fuyoo... got trisuit oledi! But still red bike heavy metal jengg jengg... notice the aero bar? P Ramlee's dark glasses? Tri in the 60's! Hey Vicky is catching up on me!

Ripley's believe it or not! Mama is oso (among the) superstar!!!

Dont be scared! He is just an Ultraman, the monsters' destroyer!
Next time you're in Kenyir, stay in the boat house. It floats on a big blue recycling bin! You catch the fish, eat the fish, shit it out, fish eat it, you catch the fish again, eat the fish again...the cycle goes on for as long as the world lives. Long live Kenyir!

After all, we can do a lot of tough and difficult things together! But this one definitely not for the boys.......SHOPPING!!!!! This story gave us ideas on how to sabotage mama's shopping! Nyet nyet nyet.....

OK friends have fun for new year! I'll be in Pekan cleaning up the flood..... Happy 15th Anniversary Honey (01/01/1993).

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Mostly I call Malaysia home after having lived here for the past 15 years.
But on the 25th of December I will always be homesick. I miss my family, not being there to give each other a hug, to wish my mom happy birthday, miss my friends, even miss the cold weather -maybe even snow-, the christmas decorations etc.....
I wish you all Merry Christmas & peace and health for 2008
Prettige Kerst en vrede en gezondheid in het nieuwe jaar

Monday, December 24, 2007


Havent written anything since fasting month, so much thing to talk about but dont know which one to put down here! Well, next year I am going to be 40. My life is about friendship and meeting more and more people. And I'd like to introduce my friends to another friends so that we are all become friends. Dont waste your time with BERSIH or HINDRAF since you will be bashed out by the cop hahaha! So lets celebrate life with friendship... this one will introduce all the armed forces 'weapon' in the triathlon in 2008. Watch out!!! Hehehe... 20% for advertising fees!!!!!

Sangup Richard, army commando, single (ehem), Ironman Finisher... Iban warrior from Sarawak!

This is Kohing Antak, army commando, single?, Ironman Finisher, also Iban warrior from Sarawak.

Badrul Hisyam Abu Bakar, navy commando, single also, erm... forgot to ask where his kampung is (sorry Bad hehehe tapi tak kisah la awek dah ramai kenal ni).

Jasme Sarael, armour regiment, from Sabah, kampung Dino, Kona qualifier... most powerful in long distance (army tank operator maa). Hafiz Wong closest rival!

Jeffrey Mujah, navy logistics, another Iban warrior, husband of Robika Gasing, also navy logistics. Jasme Sarael in hot pursuit!

Jusery Gani, army commando, Ironman finisher... another Iban warrior! Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban!

Ahmad Joyo Hj Shaari, Royal Malay Regiment from Sarawak also. Ironman finisher...
Omar Abdullah (left) together-gether with Kohing Antak, army commando, Sg Udang. Ironman finisher...
Othman Abdul Ghani (left) with the (only) Don hehehe, also army commando (Othman not Don). Ironman also...
Robika Gasing, navy logistics, wife of Jeffrey Mujah. Power Mum! Sarawak Boleh!
Zam Azri Zaini (yellow shirt), navy commando...

Laurence Gerang, navy commando.... from Sarawak!

Abdul Rahman Hasan (021), navy commando.... bloody powerful! Azwar watch out hahaha you cannot cari makan.....

Friday, December 21, 2007

Quick update

New kid on the block during his 1st biathlon: Zul
Pciture thanks to Tey

Just a short update, a few pics from Chin Woo Biathlon. I didn't take part. The previous week I had a fall during the bike-ride with Juli (talking toooo much...). Of course being an experienced nurse we make a point of telling others what to do and not following those guidelines when it comes to our own health. So I ignored my shoulder, didn't hurt much. But at the end of the week I made one wrong move while trying to grab something, and the next day coulnd hardly lift my right arm. So I sat out Chin Woo, got rashes on my arm from the sweaty armsling (I've dumped the sling), still had fun chitchatting to friends. My shoulder is a bit better but still difficult to raise the arm above my head. Anyway, doc says can do exercise as long as it doesn't hurt, so cycling and running okay. Probably need to do MRI but my medical allowance for this year habis, so I'll do the MRI in january if my shoulder not okay by then.
Me and my sling Pic thanks to Tey

Wah, Eugene dah pakai medal, Kalam baru nak lari.
Pic thanks to Tey

Star quality; See I can finish without training!!!??!!!

Like fathers, like sons

Winner of the women-category: NURINA
Ahum, mix-up, so I just give my first place away
(frus - i'll never get a change like that again)

Another tri-brit on the scene; Olli (Oliver) in third place

Eugene is in a class of his own!!!!

Danial, Eugene, Mej K and Amir@Hannah

Nice colour shirt-lah

Macam kenal race-official ni

The real winner from the women's category: Salman

(hihi, he took my place and we did inform the race-officials before the race, but things got a bit mixed up)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Chin woo biotlon

Hai everyone,this is my first time i use this blog have any comment about it please write.My first topic is about the chin woo biotlon 16 dec sunday.
The first problem is i woke up late then when the register and problem searching for my lane which surporse to be lane 6 but turn to 7 because no room.

Early morning swim around 7:30 am .

Then when started another problem i can`t breathe easily im not sure why i can`t breathe .

Then the run 2 km. Then my friend kim joon in front of me very far.
Then when i started the first lap then i almost finish the lap i saw a fimiliar face coming towards me.Then i realise it was kim joon.Then i told him he was going the wrong way.

So me and kim joon run to the finish line together.At the end of the race ran to get the higher place.

Kim joon got nombor 16 and i got nombor 17.

This is the picture of the finisher medal so who wants a medal like this next year join chin woo baithlon.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Women talk too much

Had a lovely weekend;
on saturday went for a long swim 2.5km. Two new guys (at least I can't remember seeing them before) showed up in the pool while I was finishing the first 500m. They started to swim alongside (breaststroke as well). One started lagging behind after the first lap. The other kept at my pace. We swam nearly 2km up n down till the second guy gave up. Of course I had to finish a few more laps to establish dominance.... hehehe it's not every that I get a change to do this, so I enjoy the occasion -nothin wrong with that-

Sunday morning cycling with Juli. Kalam and Danial came along. Not the easiest job in the world the wake those two up on a sunday morning. But many years of practice makes perfect and we met up with Juli in Hulu Langat just after 7am. On the way a familiar car passed us by -must be Shazly waving at us-, another Naza Ria with Powerman Stickers.
We drove to the parkinglot at Gunung Nuang and started cycling from there. Lovely fresh morning air -only Danial felt """fffrrreezzzing ccccollddd"""- orang Mesia lah anak ni.
Juli and me in front chatting as ladies do...
Unfortunately chatting doesn't improve your concentration on the road. So after just 5km Juli and I crashed into each other. Both falling on top of each other in the middle of the road. But for a few scratches and bruises we were fine, and so where our bikes. We continued a bit more carefull, total quiet cannot-lah have to simbang2 sikit2
We cycled to Sg Tekala. Several stops for pictures, sip of water. But really enjoying the route and the landscape. Shazly was allready on the way back with Dicky. At the rest-area met with several familiar and also some unfamiliar faces, nasi lemak fuel-up.
Slowly cycled back. Felt good till the last few km -suddenly energy gone- not used to cycle more than 20-30km. And the last little bit was a steep hill, hehe next time tipu aje -park the car at the bottom of the hill.
Total distance ~65km, nothing compared to what most of the mutants are cycling every week but good enough for a sedate middle-age lady.
But definitely worth repeating some day soon. Coming sunday our family is joining ChinWoo biathlon and Juli is running a relay-race in Kuantan, maybe week after that. Next time maybe invite a few more cyclist -we only made arrangements late saturday nite-, ladies welcome -can chitchat sikit2....

Hahha, I just finished cleaning my bike and chain. Darimi kept me company and washed Kalams car. Now Kalam's car is shiny untill 75cm, to clean the top part need to wait a few years till he grows bigger.

Just got news today, the land were buying in Hulu Langat has been approved for building (was agricultural land before). So who knows, hopefully in a few years time we can start cycling from 'Mej K's and Nurina's JungleHse'.


Dayan earned himself a digital camera for passing his UPSR exams. And following this;
He has been promoted to Family Photographer with immediate effect
We hope to see the results of this promotion soon on this blog!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Lifesavers at last

It's been a week of bits and pieces.
On saturday Kalam joined some of the cadets on a bicycle-ride to Putrajaya. Of course no off-saturdays in private healthcare so I had to work (anyway that group is way too fast for me). Never mind, on sunday afternoon I went for a bicycle-ride with Juli. We started from Putrajaya infocentrum.
I've hardly cycled since Powerman. The roads inside the camp are in a bad condition and I don't feel confident to cycle out of the camp -lots of very busy roads surround SG Besi Camp. The lack of training was obvious, even though Juli slowed to a snails pace I could only just hold on and when there was a strong wind while going up a long hill I didn't manage to reach the top ( and that's a hill I've conquered before). All in all we cycled probably around 30km, and Juli is lovely company. Hope we can try again soon.

This morning both Danial and I completed the four-day 'International Life-Savers course in UPNM. In an earlier post I was lamenting about my boss refusing to sign my leave-application for this course. What I did was file for the leave again but this time put under 'reason for leave' school holiday. And this time he signed without further questions -motto; treat stupidity with stupidity. So coincidently while on school holiday I've managed to complete the ILS course.
It was fun taking this course together with the cadets, Danial and a few staff members. Apparently we all passed (guess the coaches just turned a blind eye here and there - I'm quite sure I didn't pass the 50m below 50sec test). The coach teaching the CPR part was quite lost, I doubt any of the participants will be able to perform CPR properly -just hope they'll never need to.
Danial did the same course last year with Kalam but was too young to get a certificate (minimum age >14yr). Now 3 members of our family are certified lifesavers - BAYWATCH HERE WE COME -need to buy some sexy red swim wear hahahii

Kalam just returned from LIMA, apparently met a few IM's while running around in Langkawi.

It's been raining the whole day, trying to decide between a run in the rain or going to the gym afterwards.