Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Murphy's law and triathlon

Apologies for the late race-report. Life seems to get busier every month.

No pictures of the sprint-triathlon on saturday, photographer not available (taking part in the race).

Saturday was ruled by "Murphy's law", everything seemed to go wrong. Starting with a massive trafficjam, kids vomiting in the car, tempers rising we were happy to finally arive in Afamosa. After registering for the race and buying bike-helmets ofr Danial, Dayan and me we went to check into the villa we'd hired. I dont have much respect for the management of this resort....really stupid. I sincerely hope Mr Chan will consider looking for another venue for this event next year.

After those problems were ironed out (with help from Mr. Chan) there was only half an hour left before the race. Forget about lunch, a quick powerbar and a sip of water, quickly look for our racestuff and go. Discovered my new helmet had a crack so had to use my old helmet (which is not in a good condition either).

We arrived at the race-site at the same time they were asking everyone to go down to the water as the race would be flagged off in 5 minutes time. Bikes were nowhere to be seen (still with the cadets). Dump everything in a basket and go to the water.

Of course nice to see so many new and old frens but no time for chitchat.

Kids (12 and below =Dayan) were flagged off first and 5 minutes later it was our turn.
Sifu was watching the swim so tried to keep the stroke as neat as possible. Hehe, behind the island turned to breaststroke, Sifu can't see. Everyone complains about the water in this murky lake but the advantage of bad sinuses is thatl it doesn't bother me much.Swim went fairly well, starting to get the hang of free-style and navigating a bit. Was surprised to see Siok Bee and Emma not far from me while in the pool they usually leave me far behind.

Luckily my bike was there when I arrived at the transition but my waterbottles were still in the car. After 2 km caught up with Danial but his bike broke down shortly afterwards and he had to drop out of the race. This year no need to walk up the hill near the villa's, realised it's actually quite an easy hill to cycle (last year I had a very different impresssion ).

Vicky was watching the race with her arm in a collar, hope she'll recover soon. Run-distance was longer than last year, at least I walked and ran intermittent....

Finishing time not sure (my watch also broken). Also not sure how many people in my category, but knew Tye and Norizan were behind me.
Dayan did well, no need to coach him along any more, he did the race confidently on his own. If anyone has pics of him, we would like to have a copy.
Kalam considers sprint-triathlons kidsplay so I wont bother to mention him.

Back to villa for a shower and get ready to got to the dinner.
But Murphy's day wasn't over yet. We were not allowed to go into the dinner hall as we'd forgotten to take the dinner coupons along (only brought the wristbands). My allready dented opinion of Afamosa hit rockbottom. We turned around and went to eat at a roadside stall outside the resort (and surely enjoyed better tasting food). X-man. Sue-Ee and fren also had problems and joined us. During our dinner I got news I'd won the 3rd place womens veteran again!
Shared the villa with Abu, Adzim and Lin, Jaja and CK's daughter, Alwi, Fairuz and Md Noh. Chit chat a bit but most hit the sack early after getting everything ready for the race next morning.

To sleep in on sunday-morning is unheard off in triathlete-land. Shortly after 6.30am we were on our way to the race-site once again. A bit more organised this morning, bikes ready, gear, waterbottles....

Triathlons are like big reunions, never enough time to talk and catch up!!! Part of the addiction

As for the rest of the story, let the pics speak for themselves (thank you x1000times Mr Tey)

UPNM-team; this year 28 cadets took part. Some of the Ironman (and ladies?)wannabees for 2009
Compulsory group-pics for the race: Abu, Ariff, Edwin, ?, Randy, ?forgot sori, Mr Ngae, Steve, KarolineJuli, Siok bee, Emma and RaymondA lot more participants this year and the swim was very crowded, couldn't really move till the second loop.
Salman, UPNM's fastestsAt the back is one of UPNM's cadets. Middle guy unknown. In front Aussie guy named Damian. We met him cycling in Putrajaya last month. He's been living here for 2 yrs but only recently took his bike from down under.
PSSSST Ladies; drafting behind him you can easily cycle at 30+km /hr and still relax your legs!

Danial teamed up with the cadets again, he had a good swim, but got upset cos the cyclist was slow.... Now he wants to do OD in MiriDanial together with Zulhassan (Cant call him newkidontheblock anymore, proven his worth)

Sue-Ee doing her first triathlon. Before the race she was sooo nervous but once in the water she behaved like a seasoned pro and left me chasing after her....

Even during the short run in transition people will overtake me..... SIGH

Finally UPNM's tri-club has some ladies as well!!! My dear fren Juli on her first OD-triathlon, Go babe
X-man doing his 'drowned cat' impersonation
Upiq. he told me I inspire him and of that I'm more proud than my sprint-trophy! Read about him on stupe's blog
Mr Ironman/Powerbar teamElite: "my races are my only training"
See i can run without hands?

10km long chitchat"See my washing powder washes whiter than yours?"

Kam overtook me a few times, lastly just before the transition. While watching IM in Februari we said were gonna do IM2009. Kam has allready seriously started training. I'm not sure yet, time constraints make it difficult to train for long distances. On the other hand I remember so clearly standing on the jetty with Becca, both of us so much wanted to be in the water among the other athletes..... undecidedOmitted any photo's that show me walking (improve my image)
Darling thinks I need a hand during the last 50 meter

Yours truly at the finish-line

Friday, May 2, 2008


With A'Famosa triathlon just around the corner we need to re-emphasize the dresscode

Cycling shorts: Strictly only BLACK, BLACK OR BLACK

or risk DISQUALIFICATION!!!! dont say i didn't warn you.....