Thursday, October 30, 2008

Not Fair

Past week:
Monday; am run half hr
pm 3.6km swim
Tuesday: am run half hr
pm hujan
Wednesday: am run half hr
pm swim 3km
Thursday: pm swim 3km
Friday: am run half hr
Saturday: am run half hr
pm swim 2.5km
Sunday: am cycle 45km
pm funswim with kids
Monday: am cycle 40km
results gain weight 1kg
Who says life is fair???.....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Squeekin and creekin

Lots of things happening in a few weeks, Danial sat for his PMR-exams - now its waiting for the results, excepts for maths he probably did quite well.

After fasting month it was high time to swing into action again. So started my slow morning jogs, went to swim training, cycled with Sue Ee and the fridaynite geng. But my body said "Hoo, what do u think u are doing l - think youre still in youre twenties ah? After one week I was dead tired, could hardly lift my left arm and had no choice but to slow down.

Slowly thing are improving, Alvin helped to correct my stroke in order to spare the shoulder. Yesterday's session felt good, swim felt easy and my speed (if you can call it that) is coming back.

The extra weight is still stuck, expect it will take till next ramadhan to get it off!

Hubby dearest suddenly got an assignment to accompagny a shipment for the UN to Lebanon and at the moment he is somewhere in the Arabian sea, later tonight they should be approaching the gulf of Aden -pirates beware. Pics are taken last week when I send him off in port Klang.

UN Vehicles waiting to be loaded unto the ship

Great news yesterday - UPNM won Perhentian challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kalam called from the ship (satelite phone) just when I got the news and of course he was very happy. No details available yet, just follow the links, I'm sure Chan will update their blog soon. CONGRATS

Took the kids to the National Science Centre today and we had a nice time, see pictures

Sound waves can travel from here to ...

there ...the other orange disk

(sorry -my handphone camera not very good, I dont own posh phone. Kalam took the camera with him)

Nice fishies

Above and below -digging for dinosaur bones

Dayan taking part in the science-show -somehow I think this could be the career for him - did you see him on "Lu fikir lah sendiri Nabil"??

Colorful spiders