Sunday, January 18, 2009


Over the year we have collected many race T-shirts. At times four of us take part in a race, some in two events. I rarely buy T's for the boys becos they have enough from the races. The clothes locker gets choked and on and off I will give some to family, friends or charity.
The T-shirts come in many styles, colors and materials. My big favorite of all times is the brookes-T given at PD-traithlon 2007. The quality is nice, it's loose and comfy and because it's long it partly covers my big butt , haha.
However has anyone else noted the sizes -weird indeed.
Have a look below
Great Eastern run 2008 Size XXL
Below the previous T; Great Eastern run 2008 size XL -do you see any difference in size?

KL Int Marathon (2007?), size S
Again do you see any significant difference in the size?
Mizuno-run 2007 size M
Now the difference in size is clear to see.
So what should be our conclusion???
A. Malaysians generally come in free size only
B. Malaysians of medium size are in denial about their true size
C. Local T-shirt producers are a sadistical lot and put size-tags randomly
D. All of the above
Sigh, at least Danial was happy with my T from Malakoff run and my maid loves the GE-run T-shirt, she says its really cooling to wear on a hot afternoon.
Think I'll wear my PD-shirt for the next race......................

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