Monday, February 23, 2009

Big fish

Hello everyone.its me dayan.Its has been a long time since i post a blog.Now i hav a new story which happened after japanese school biothlon at night.We went out to check the nets in the lake.So,when we were checking the first fishing net.we were shock to see a fish this big in the net

If you want to now how big it is look at yhe next picture.

But we can`t keep it so we ate are picture of papa cutting it up.

And the result is this.
See Its as big as darimi and ati.

Danial can even d a rambo style pose with it ``eat this ``danial said.
Well that the story paece out.


Man CIOCC said...

Salam Dayan,

Whoa...that's a whopper!
When u mentioned that u can`t keep it, I thought you're gonna release it back into the lake. Rugilah kalau lepaskan...I could smell it cookin'

What species is it?

Your brudder got blood on his hands, really gore! He he he.

ps. Reminds me of a movie by the same name "Big Fish". Regards to mommy & daddy.

PrincessRen said...

hello dayan,

omg.. thats a really big fish.. ur mum must've cooked a really delicious dish out of that :) and that is really funny funny gesture from u.. hahhahaha.. mcm dlm cerita horror siot :P

Btw, it's mary here :)

PrincessRen said...

and that last cat look like my dixie lah except for the long tail.. :P

WIRA DAMAI said...


bestnye.. kalau ikan tu masak kari atau asam pedas... dan

Dancing Ciken said...

ikan apa tuuu??? kucing pun takut nak makan


dochisyam said...

Oh my gosh! That's a big fish.
are yo sure your dad was able to cut it up?
Congrats to daddy on his recent Ironman!

Doc hisyam