Saturday, July 11, 2009


October 2008, my last post was on Lebanon's trip! Been to Lebanon again for 2nd time in April 2009. Still not much time to write in this blog... sigh. Most time was on Facebook! Wish they pay us money for sticking on for hours and hours.

Today, 11 July 09. Have a bit of time for blogging while waiting for HUNNY to arrive from Nederlands for a 3 weeks holiday. Got 5 hours to sleep, her flight is somewhere above India maybe.

Browse thru the computer and found this drawing of Darimi for his grandma & grandpa.
Still innocent... animals and plants.

And this is Dayan's drawing.... Japanese cartoons!

Papa's own. Erm... race numbers after 5 years of racing.... still many more!

End transmission at 0115H.

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