Sunday, January 18, 2009

Split5 weekend

  1. Kalam joined Dr Hisham for the Ironbound adventure-race today. They are on their way back as I type. For a hilarious report on the adventures of these two;
  2. Danial joined Amir and Norizan in a Tri-simulation
  3. Dayan isnt feeling well and refrained from physical activities
  4. Ati and Darimi ran around the neighbourhood playing with their friends from early morning till sunset
  5. Mum took part in GE-run 20km:

Just a few highlights and low-lights;

Improved my time from last year, but Mac improved his more and stayed ahead of me...

Waterstations were few and far between

Route was changed but just as hilly

While i was passing by I overheard two policeman commenting "Wah, kakak yang baju merah ni laju juga (I started to float straight into seventh heaven)....kalau lari 30km (smack back to ground level)

No parking space, got a ticket for parking illegally at the roadside

The pre-IM group looked very fit and strong

First time I got a square medal, quite cute

Finishing like celebriti; Mr Tey, Shazly, Rais and TSB all lining up to take pictures.....Thanks guys

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Anonymous said...

nurina !! congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if i saw u float, maybe i wont pull u down..!!! keep on floating ! dont feel the feet !! hahaha..heyya, luv d square medal too !cute ! n nice to see you again today ! see that u got ur all girls group cute ! next week lunch again with me ok.luv ya loads!